Bomb Jack


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The arcade game Bomb Jack on cartridge for your MSX2

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Styles Arcade
Compatibility MSX2 - MSX2+ - MSX Turbo-R
Sound PSG
Capacity ROM 64K

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The best arcade conversion on MSX is now available on cartridge.

Rediscover the fun of the original game in this version completely awesome, on your MSX2.

Game Cartridge with box and color cover
Minimum requierement MSX2 with 64K of Ram

This cartridge is manufactured and shipped by Repro-Factory.

This Game was created by Kralizec in 2004-2005.
 As a Kralizec Request, you may know all benefits of this sale goes to funding Repro-factory website, and may contribute to maintain and upgrade the website.



Fantastic game, but I like more the 1st edition box art

The game is a masterpiece port for the MSX2. A really wonderful work by Kralizek.

Thank you for bringing it again in this re-edition of the game in a cartridge.

The only thing that is holding me from buying it is the cartridge/box art based in the Elite versions of the game, that has Bomb Jack with a goofy face. I liked much more the original box art, based in the Arcade side art:

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Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack

The arcade game Bomb Jack on cartridge for your MSX2