MSX Cartridge Kit 16-64K


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Cartridge Kit for MSX.
Support most Rom from 16 to 64K

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Compatibility MSX1 - MSX2 - MSX2+ - MSX Turbo-R


Build your own MSX cartridge. Or Prototype Cartridge.

Include in this Kit

- 1 x PCB Board
- 1 x Flash Chip Winbond W27C512 (64K / 512 Kbits)- 1 x Electrolytic Capacitor
- 1 x Ceramic Capacitor
- 1 x Socket
- 1 x Cartridge Case

Note : If you use the Socket you can't put the PCB into the Cartridge Case.
-> Make A real MSX cartridge without the socket
 or make a prototype MSX Cartridge with the Socket

The Winbond W27C512 is rewritable.

You will need a Eprom Programmer to program the Winbond chip.
This cartridge cannot be flash or programmed by the MSX.

You can also use, other Chips like Eprom 27C512, 27C256, 27C128

This kit is manufactured and  shipped by Repro-Factory.


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MSX Cartridge Kit 16-64K

MSX Cartridge Kit 16-64K

Cartridge Kit for MSX.
Support most Rom from 16 to 64K